Mysteries of Wine Can it make you healthy?

Mysteries of Wine Can it make you healthy?


“Since the taste of leftover wine gets worse and worse after opening the bottle, you must drink up the wine in the bottle after opening it” “You should combine Burgundy lamb dishes when you take this certain wine”….Are these “useful” instructions really correct?

Kenichi Shimizu is not only a Doctor of Microbiology, but also a world-class consultant on brewing technology. This book is an introductory book that solves general questions about wine from a scientist's point of view.

Various positive effects of wine on human health have recently come up in the conversation. “Red wine is helpful for anti-aging” “Red wine can protect us from heart diseases” “Red wine can prevent dementia”….Numerous health-friendly substances have been found in wine indeed, but there is too much misinformation. This book also unravels the truth of various discourses in media such as TV, magazines or the internet on the health benefits of wine.



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